Sunday, May 2, 2010

DIY Diesel Joyze elastic cuff jeans

Perhaps like me you've found yourself, against all odds, sort of loving the pegged denim look all over again. Maybe (also like me) you've folded, rolled and re-folded and re-rolled your jeans 6 or 7 hundred times and are still unable to achieve the chic, hip look you're after. You, too, may have resigned yourself to the sad fact that this might be one trend you'd be unable to embrace (although not for lack of trying).

Enter the Diesel Joyze:

My new girl crush/internet addiction love maegan introduced these to me. I love how they look on her and so I went a-searchin' for a pair of my own.

While I was checking 'em out online (I even found them for only $90 at Gilt!) my husband teased: "Oooh, honey, you could make those yourself and then put it on your blog." Even though he meant it as a joke, he was absolutely right.

I raided my oldest son's room and came across a pair of Arizona Jeans (yes, the ones from JC Penney) whose inseam he had outgrown. Since they fit me, were already on the short side and not being worn, they were the perfect candidate for my DIY project. Plus, since they're men's jeans, I liked the longer crotch and low-slung back pockets.

I used 1 1/2-inch elastic for my hem. And although I had to hold my tongue just right, blink three times in a row really fast, and use the right combination of pseudo curse words ("you dirty hooker," etc.) to do it, I was able to successfully pull off the alteration (after breaking and replacing one needle, placing the elastic 3.5 times for two pant legs, and sewing then ripping one leg's entire seam).

Verdict: For an experienced seamstress, this project would be a cakewalk. Still, the finished product looks pretty cute, methinks. Do you likey?

 {see how I wore them here}

A couple notes: Too late I realized that the dimensions for the ACTUAL Diesel Joyze were available online. The opening at the leg on the Diesels is 11" and mine is 10". The Diesels are 13" at the knee and mine are 16". The Diesels have a 28" inseam and mine is 27".

Bottom line: Jeans with a narrower leg will look more like the originals. But all things considered, I'm pleased with the result.


make it wear it


Anonymous said...

Okay, I think the idea is fun, I think you are way too creative, and thrifty all at the same time! You make me Laugh, which is why I love you...but really elastic on the bottom of pants seam old lady ish....I did like the look when they are pulled up on calf... hmmmm.

Rachel said...

you know me - i am very slow to love the trends that come back into style. it took me quite a long time to decide skinny jeans were actually cool again. so while it's definitely not a look i'll be trying to recreate any time soon, it looks like you did a great job! very nice!

AJ, Marian, & Sadie said...

I really love this look. If you don't mind I'm going to try it and send pictures of what mine look like..... good idea and thanx

Anonymous said...

So, how is it you had the same shoes?
TOOOO Cute! I always did that sort of thing and then was a chicken to just wear it. Methinks it is not too late.
Love you. Mom

Andrea @ said...

I love the link to the $160 jeans :) Great work!

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

Your link was part of this Week's Fab five.
Check it out and grab a button for your blog if you wish.
hope to see u next week.


Redesign Diva said...

Hilarious post! I love it..visiting from L DIY DIVA's spot..Nice tut!

Redesign Diva said...

PS great work and those shoes are hott!

carlyjcais said...

Fabulous! Great way to revamp a pair of boring old jeans into something cute and trendy. Me love!

Ife' said...

okay, this was before we met! I was about to say! how did I miss this one? not that I could do this DIY in my wildest dreams, but maybe I can print it out and take it to a real seamstress if I get my hands on the right jeans!